Special Steel Division of Tian Jin Giant Heavy Industry Co., Ltd is one of three divisions of our company, integrates sintering, iron melting, continuous casting, die casting and rolling steel to produce, research and develop steel materials such as ingots, large size round billets, alloy steel tube billets and special steels . With an annual production of 1,000,000T special steel ,we will be a new manufacturing base of large special steel service as heavy industry and metallurgy industry in China.

The Special Steel Division covers an area of 200,000 square meters. There are 1140 employees, among them , 44% employees with junior college qualification ,15 senior title officers,40 intermediate title officers, and 70 technicians. The division has powerful R&D capacity and its management mechanism is high efficient. The employees have high technical skills and great ability in production.

The equipment configuration of the Special Steel Division is advanced. Production chain advanced production process and technology of environmental protection, scientific and reasonable. The division have sintering plant, iron works ,steel factory and oxygen plant and a physical and chemical center. As to the equipments, they have an advanced 12000m3 oxygenerator, a 105 sintering machine, a 530 m3 blast  furnace, UHP electric arc furnace( EBT)  of 100T, ladle furnace of 120T, double vacuum degassing refining furnaces(VOD) of 120 T, and four strand continuous casting machine. We can produce tubular billet for oil well pipe, high pressure boiler as well as petrochemical and machinery, pipeline steel, ship steel, forged and rolled alloy structure steel , carbon structure steel ,gear steel and railway wheel steel and hub steel with specification of Φ210~Φ500mm、165mm×280mm、165mm×225mm,medium and large size alloy ingot of different materials of which the biggest one can reach 500T level. Our products are well sold to more than 20 provinces in domestic and exported to overseas such as Korea, Japan ,and Europe etc.

The Special Casting Division relies on technology and production quality. Through long lasting hard work, we have explored “refining technique of clean steel with low aluminum””barium micro alloyed clean steel technology”, ”continue casting skill of high quality big round billet””large ,extra large steel ingot pouring skill” etc, which make our products quality reaching domestic advanced level. The Special Steel Division producing system is controlled by  ISO9000 quality management system. 

The Special Steel Division of TianJin Giant Heavy Industry Co., Ltd wish to serve for friends around the world whole-heartedly. Your demand is our Mission.

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