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Company H-beam steel production in December new heights, reaching the highest level (to achieve 17,316.5 tons), the indicators have achieved good results, the sales rate to a record high. Product quality (the yield 95.18%, a product rate of 99.12%) has a new breakthrough, yield more stable, and the la ..¡¾Detailed¡¿

Build product excellent project innovate slag pot casting standard
Promulgator:admin Release time:2015-12-5

    Company president Mr.Jiangbin Zhao and General Manager of casting department Mr. Enxi Zhao met China foundry association Senior Vice Chairman Mr. Libo Zhang on Nov. 1st, the both sides discussed the development of foundry industry and our company¡¯s innovation of slag pot manufacturing industry standard deeply. 

    At the beginning of this year, General Manager of casting department Mr. Enxi Zhao considered the character of high mechanical property and long service of slag pots which were produced by our company, he pointed out that we should innovate the foundry industry general slag pot standard. With regards to this idea, it received strongly support of Company president Mr.Jiangbin Zhao. Through multiple discussion and invitation with foundry industry association Chairman by General Manager of casting department Mr. Enxi Zhao,  foundry association Senior Vice Chairman Mr. Libo Zhang gruop came to visit our company on Nov. 1st.
    Company president Mr.Jiangbin Zhao and General Manager of casting department Mr. Enxi Zhao welcomed the visiting of Mr. Libo Zhang group, meanwhile thanks for the supports which came from the China Foundry association these years. At the meeting, General Manager Mr. Enxi Zhao introduced the development of Giant Heavy Company carefully, meanwhile he introduced that our company has already got the slag pot orders from the word big steel company and showed the slag pot promotional material And has displayed the publicity materials provided to the slag pot design company in the countries such as Japan, Korea, Germany, Russia, Chile, and India.Meanwhile He introduced the manufacturing character of our produced slag pots and customers feedbacks. They compared the products main technical index which from our company and industry index, our technical index has strong advantage. The P,S elements of slag pots which produced by our company are controlled strictly, the P element is controlled under 0.010%, the S controlled under 0.008%, the impact AKV value reached 80J above; Some indexes of our company¡¯s slag pots exceeded industry standard requirement.
    Subsequently, General Manager of casting department Mr. Enxi Zhao group and Mr. Libo Zhang group visited the workshop, the foundry association members saw the products in our workshop, they feel very impressive, especially for the drive side mill housing ( weight 387T), work side mill housing(weight 387T) and roll mill housing(weight 340T) of first heavy group, they feel very surprised and agree with our company¡¯s manufacturing capacity and technology research and development capacity, meanwhile they required us to report this performance to industry association, then the industry association will do the propaganda.
    China foundry association Senior Vice Chairman Mr. Libo Zhang said that China foundry association support the idea of Giant Heavy Company innovate slag pot casting standard, and specified the specialized person the communicate with our company, meanwhile he explained the procedure and required us to arrange the main data together.
    Giant Heavy company chief engineer Mr. Yujia Jin, vice general manager of casting department Mr. Yulin Wang, chief engineer of casting department Mr. Yiyuan Song and General Manager assistant Mr. Xujian Shang took part in this meeting.
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