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The creative idea on slag pot pattern
Promulgator:admin Release time:2015-11-27

电竞直播平台 Because of the short production period and fast fund cycling, the slag pot became one of the major product of casting department in 2015. But due to the special shape of slag pot, the wood pattern should be machined by numerical control equipment, so the manufacturing is difficult and the cost is high. Meanwhile the wood pattern is very easy to broke during the using period, the repair work is difficult and the cost is high, so the cost is a little high to produce the repeat order.

电竞直播平台 Base on the above difficult, the General manager Mr. Zhao of casting department opened his mind, he pointed out that we can make one kind of pattern which is combined with steel body and wood ribs. So the related departments discussed with Mr. Zhao¡¯s idea seriously and try to find suitable slag pot to carry out this idea positively.

On July of 2015, we received one order for the Japanese JFE company, one kind of slag pot in this order is sample structure, easy to machine, less ribs and big quantity, it is very suitable to carry out the above idea. So the related departments arranged the production positively, and the new type wood pattern is finished finally. The pictures of new pattern are as following, the main body is steel structure, it is strong and guarantee the dimensions of slag pot; The ribs are wood, they are easy to molding and protected the molding, meanwhile they are very convenient for repairing.
Now this new type pattern has already been used to produce 9 slag pots, all the dimensions of slag pot met the customer¡¯s requirement, during the manufacturing, we just need to repair the ribs, the production time is reduced and cost is low. After discuss with the JFE customer¡¯s we will continue to get the repeat order for 5pcs slag pots, the pattern could be used for the following manufacturing completely.
      This new type wood pattern is a kind of creative, it is reduced the cost for manufacturing. So we would like to appeal all employees to open mind and brave to creative.

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