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Company H-beam steel production in December new heights, reaching the highest level (to achieve 17,316.5 tons), the indicators have achieved good results, the sales rate to a record high. Product quality (the yield 95.18%, a product rate of 99.12%) has a new breakthrough, yield more stable, and the la ..【Detailed】

322 tons move cross beams are successfully completed
Promulgator:admin Release time:2015-9-9

Through the careful preparation of special steel division and casting division, the pouring operation of 322ton blank casting was started on Aug. 10th pm6:26. The main leaders of special steel division , casting division and the customer Develop have witnessed this pouring process.

This pouring is 4 ladles inclusion pouring. With regards to the technology method of 4 ladles risers filling, the 3 ladles are crane ladles, 1 ladle is stationary ladle. The steel water was smelt in VOD, the gas content is H2ppm,O 25ppm,N50ppm.Meanwhile the temperature of each ladle must be in the required range, the risk and difficulty is very big.

However, through the orderly operation of the steelworkers, the temperature and gas content of four ladles are meet the technology requirement by one time. With the instruction of casting pouring chief dispatcher, the first ladle was performed drainage work, then the other ladles are performed drainage work at the same time. Under the reasonable arrange of the dispatcher and the skilled operation of every workers, 4 ladles have been poured successfully, the time is just 35mins, every step is meet the requirement without any problems.

The fifth ladle filled the risers on pm7:55, the sixth ladle filled the risers on pm 10:32, the seventh ladle filled the risers on Aug. 11th am1:50, and the eighth ladle filled the risers on am 6:10. Until now pouring work of this move cross beam was finished successfully.

The inclusion of more ladles, we have won the highly praised of Taiyuan Heavy and Develop, demonstrates the superior strength of Jiang Tian Heavy production of large steel castings, meanwhile it is a solid foundation of 5ladle pouring and 6 ladle pouring.

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