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Company H-beam steel production in December new heights, reaching the highest level (to achieve 17,316.5 tons), the indicators have achieved good results, the sales rate to a record high. Product quality (the yield 95.18%, a product rate of 99.12%) has a new breakthrough, yield more stable, and the la ..¡¾Detailed¡¿

H-beam steel production rolling mill in October highs
Promulgator:admin Release time:2015-1-9
Steel rolling mill company in October new heights H steel production which yield complete 13,382.498 tons reached record levels, gross profit 1.05 million yuan, the processing cost per ton lower than in September 37.3 yuan, sales rate of 102.4 percent.
October H-beam quality (the yield 95.17%, a product rate of 98.41%) and yield a new breakthrough (average class produced 504.4 tons), and the creation of ten middle class and Nissan record, while the full-month roll change time savings over a fixed time 1.75 hours (actually 29.25 hours, fixed for 31 hours), for roll quality improvement, the device is operating normally, less failure, station utilization completed well, there is a corresponding decrease materials consumption, production rhythm and rolling temperature control is better, to ensure the continuity and stability of production, these technologies provide a strong guarantee for the confidence and achieve the full month rolling gross profit, to lay a solid foundation for the real annual earnings of H steel production completion and gross margin.
Mutual communication research achievements can not be separated more than the company's correct leadership and the Maori team, also benefited from the full cooperation of all employees and relevant departments, mainly to do the following several specific tasks: 1, Technical Department is ready to roll comprehensive and science, to ensure the stability of the roll on-line eligibility. 2. Equipment Division actively cooperate with factory equipment maintenance and inspection, and to make reasonable suggestions to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. 3, strict quality accessories of spare parts, and suppliers to compare prices to ensure cost-effective products, good quality did not affect the production of spare parts. 4, logistics scheduling good site to ensure timely lifting quality and storage, adhere waste utilization, enhanced enforcement of easing inventory, optimize product structure Curry. 5, QC checks product excellence, providing quality assurance, and product feedback. 6, reinforced roll rolling factory management, increase the workshop staff, especially technical staff training, adjustment improved quickly, the process more closely linked, all aspects of cost, each H steel production are summarized later in this inadequate secondary production of which, summed up the experience, to create good conditions for the production again.
We earnestly implement in future work Corporation and Sam's important instructions and specific requirements, a positive change in work patterns and awareness, increase sales for active interaction, so that Maori group to form a whole, gross profit in the true sense, and gradually gross profit increased to break the constraints of the various bottlenecks in order to achieve the overall gross profit. Steel company also started production day job costing, cost of production has been effectively controlled and supervised work on the Maori played a good role in promoting.
The fourth quarter is critical, H should be fine steel production, increase the development of new products, the business rationalization proposals, good inside position, the quality and cost factors, such as controlling the controllable range, strengthen internal management, including information management, mobilize the enthusiasm of staff, thereby strengthening the implementation of the executive power. Grabbed all aspects of scientific management, the company rolled steel to maximize gross profit.
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