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Company H-beam steel production in December new heights, reaching the highest level (to achieve 17,316.5 tons), the indicators have achieved good results, the sales rate to a record high. Product quality (the yield 95.18%, a product rate of 99.12%) has a new breakthrough, yield more stable, and the la ..¡¾Detailed¡¿

Forging August sales exceeded 3000 tons
Promulgator:admin Release time:2014-11-1
Forging Division following the June forging exceeded 3000 tons, in August but also to achieve sales exceeded 3000 tons. 
Into the second half, the market situation even worse, less orders, product prices fell seriously. Division organized marketing staff to analyze the market, analyze large customers, seeking an order resources, and actively take the initiative, to maximize our short process, low-cost advantage, they do not lose margin, you find ways to win. Subsequent production organization, increase rigor organization, compactness, the specific implementation priorities is to improve the production efficiency, reduce production time, accelerate product storage, timely formation of sales, in order to facilitate the acceleration of payment, thus forming a virtuous circle. 
At present, the overall cooling of the steel market, how do we get through this "winter" to survive, there is no other way, and only rely on our own, develop their own ability to resist the cold, hard skills, "as long as you have goals, all of them will give your way. "firm conviction, courage forward, we will achieve a breakthrough after another. 
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