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Company H-beam steel production in December new heights, reaching the highest level (to achieve 17,316.5 tons), the indicators have achieved good results, the sales rate to a record high. Product quality (the yield 95.18%, a product rate of 99.12%) has a new breakthrough, yield more stable, and the la ..¡¾Detailed¡¿

utilization of energy saving - heat power generation project to start
Promulgator:admin Release time:2014-8-19
Bi then endless days of lotus, Lotus flowers in the sunshine. July 30, 2014 cogeneration project groundbreaking ceremony in this passionate, vibrant summer held up. 10:38 Zhaojiang Bin, president of the project started my company issued orders, suddenly firecrackers, fireworks, color spray-hyun, the ceremony to a climax. Project A, B both leaders and guests witnessed this exciting time. Sun Baosheng, vice president of my company, Minister of Production Management Department Zhoumeng Ling, general manager of Qingdao Dresdner Group Power Design Co., Ltd. Wang Shiliang, Director of Design at xuzhongliang, attended the ceremony. Wang Shiliang passionate speech, general manager and vice president of sunbaosheng presided over the ceremony. 
According Zhaojiang Bin Jiang Tian, president of the company in the beginning of the year 2014 to promote the work of the General Assembly entitled to do "targeted, within the grasp management, fight the market, takes the plunge ---- Jiang days for the construction of a first-class Heavy enterprises struggle" speech emphasized "within the grasp management, grasping market" focus, production management department will "strengthen energy management, improve energy utilization" as the focus of our work this year. 
Under the president concerned, production management department conducted a lot of research activities, visits to notable achievements waste heat utilization users, access to information, to verify the technical parameters and other related media. Blast furnace gas through reasonable adjustments user traffic, take full advantage of the rich surplus blast furnace gas and two-way saturated steam, the company decided to develop the construction of a 60t / h high-temperature, high-pressure gas-fired boiler, with 15MW condensing steam turbine generator to achieve cogeneration . Project is expected to be completed in January 2015 and put into operation. After the project is put into production is expected to generate 120 million kwh, the annual supply 100 million kwh, breaking the temperature and pressure of the configuration of a conventional generator sets, integrated efficiency can be increased thirty percent higher than the temperature and pressure generators. With good social and economic benefits for the enterprise to bring considerable benefits, while achieving full utilization of energy, reducing energy losses and pollutant emissions, but also for countries to achieve emission reduction targets and the social mission of making outstanding contribution. 
Our co-operation with the cogeneration project in Qingdao Dresdner Group, is on June 7, 2014 the company signed a contract on me. 
Cogeneration project will meet the production and safety, fire, health and other requirements of the premise, try to save infrastructure investment, reduce operating costs, save space, and taking into account possible future development, engineering design will be based on the following principles: 
1, and strive to achieve a reasonable layout of various process systems, functional area clear, rational process route, construction group coordination, logistics smooth and convenient. 
2, the total plane reasonable layout, construction land conservation and rational use of land, the greatest possible use less land. 
3, to meet building fire, safety, transportation and other types of design specifications. 
4, to meet the urban planning department of architectural design requirements and harmonize with the surrounding architectural environment. Without prejudice to the conditions of the project pipeline laying, maintenance, plant green and good working environment. 
For this project within the main plant boiler, turbine, deaerator system, circulating water system, such as the use of DCS centralized control and centralized control room set up machine electric furnace in the main plant, the motor inside the main building, electric gates, electric actuators chosen by the DCS control to ensure the safe operation of generating units; boiler burners will use low nitrogen burners, boiler operation for controlling nitrogen oxide emissions, flue gas emissions to ensure compliance; self-cleaning water by ultrafiltration , reverse osmosis, acid waste in addition to carbon, hybrid ion exchange, desalting process methods, mixed ion exchange regeneration arising directly into the neutralization tank, the pump cycle in and stir, PH value reached after 7-9 before being discharged into the drainage system in the plant. Reflecting on the environment does not cause any pollution, easy operation and management, small footprint, etc., so that the project really into the green water of the era. 
In the entire construction process, both parties will be in strict accordance with the construction standards, codes, regulations to carry out. Construction site management, involving a wide range and because of trivial surface, to become engineering excellence, and at the same time protect the project safely and efficiently carried out, we, as the Party, to the spirit of responsibility and principled, and strictly control the quality of the whole process of the project , cost, schedule; used with a forward-looking vision carefully examine all major technical solutions, construction design and other documents; strengthen the parties contacted, good organization and coordination; strengthen contract management, and earnestly safeguard the seriousness of the contract. Technical supervision of work to do to ensure the implementation of the technical measures; strengthen the process of supervision, to ensure that the covert project quality; do the collection and collation of technical information. Just do rigorous process and details of each, the overall quality of the project will be guaranteed. We will be the beginning of the New Year in 2015, when the successful production of a high quality, safe and efficient turbine generator, as a New Year gift to our company.

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