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电竞直播平台Tianjin giantHeavy Industries Co., Ltd. products strictly implement ISO international quality system, "Jiang Tian" brand mature and reliable, have a good market credibility and reputation, the company high quality products and good service system to win customers trust and favor, by the Tianjin municipal government named as "Shou contract re-credit" units, hundred private enterprises in Tianjin. Our products are exported to Asia, Africa, Europe and America, by foreign merchants praise. After years of development of a "low alumina refining technology clean steel", "clean barium micro-alloyed steel technology", "high quality big round billet continuous casting technology", "large, extra large ingot casting technology" and other proprietary intellectual property rights owned technology, Division production system controlled by ISO9000 quality management system, product quality has reached advanced domestic level, to achieve an annual output value of more than 4 billion yuan.

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