Modeling a Non-Partisan Kingdom

I want a non-partisan nation, one in which antagonist parties and their platforms no longer exist. In place of partisan politics, I would like to see unity, peace, constructive conflict, and humble alignment, the kind that many successful corporations and organizations model. I’m not advocating anarchy. No, I believe in government. It is, according to… Continue reading

Why You, an American Citizen should Read the Greek Tragedy: Sophocles’ “Antigone”

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia/Vladoubido Oo   Politics was more than a game for the citizens of Athens; like religion, it rested on the dim but real perception of an unchanging moral law that was not manmade but revealed through the conscience. As Paul suggests, in the absence of the direct revelation of Scripture, it is… Continue reading

Courage: Going in alone against the Necromancer

In Peter Jackson’s new Hobbit film, “The Desolation of Smaug,” there is a striking scene when Gandalf approaches the lair of the Necromancer, a powerful sorcerer who is building up a great army to conquer Middle Earth. The Necromancer is, in fact, Sauron, the Lord of the Rings. (The Hobbit movies are set 60 years… Continue reading