Chris Borah

Chris profile picMy beautiful wife, Jodee, keeps me joyful and (mostly) in-line. Nearly 8 years of marriage and counting and I could not ask for a greater blessing and each day with her is better than the last. We have two boys: our eldest (and brilliant) son, Jacob, and our newest (endlessly-smiling toothless) addition, Jonathan.

Upon completion of a BS in CIS (yeah acronyms!) from SNU in Dec ’05, I worked full time in web design and dev. Long story short, we moved to the ‘ville, I completed my MDiv at SBTS in Dec ’12, and am currently serving as the Pastor of Worship & Administration at Crossroads Baptist Church.

My interests vary greatly and include (but are not limited to (you could call me Brian McClaren with all these needless paranthetical statements!)): reading fiction, biography, church administration, design, biblical hermeneutics, church music, liturgy, (strangely) genealogical research in the gospels/OT, sports, home renovation/carpentry, eating food, preaching, and the OKC Thunder.

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