Gospel, Guns, and Kingdoms: Part Deux, A Reply to Spalione’s Non-passive Pacifism

My good friend and co-blogger, Michael Spalione, has posted a response to my critique of John Piper’s response to Jerry Falwell, Jr.’s remarks. And I’m now responding to him in an attempt at seeing how far down the rabbit hole of blogging back-and-forth we can go. I appreciate that he found my remarks worth not… Continue reading

Piper’s Pacifism: A Canonical Response

John Piper (PhD), speaking as chancellor for Bethlehem College & Seminary, has responded in writing to Jerry Falwell, Jr.’s (J.D.) statements on students getting permits to carry guns on the campus of Liberty University, where he is chancellor. In this post, I won’t be getting into the details of the statements made by Chancellor Falwell,… Continue reading

Union with Christ in the New Testament: A Provocative Exegesis of the Final Judgment

[Caveat lector: Necessarily, this post will be an overly brief and superficial treatment of the immense subjects under discussion. As always, questions and comments are not only welcome, but strongly encouraged.] The Protestant doctrine of justification by faith alone (sola fide) has been a matter for drawing swords and shedding ink (at least) ever since… Continue reading

Take and Read. Take and Live.

The history of philosophy is full of distinctions without differences. We like drawing the distinctions; it feels like we’re gaining knowledge by carving out definitions. But the world of experience tends to be more complex than our language games – fortunately and unfortunately. Unfortunately, because we often fool ourselves into confusing opinions with knowledge. Fortunately,… Continue reading

A Sea of Symbolism

In Scripture, the sea often symbolizes primeval chaos. This doesn’t mean God was writing a book and he needed a good analogy, so he looked around and picked out the sea. It means he created the sea as stormy and chaotic so that when Jesus walks on the water it creates a deeply symbolic historical… Continue reading

The Noah Film: An Apologia

Darren Aronofsky’s film Noah has stirred up quite the storm of strong criticism and counter-criticism from various evangelical Christian reviewers. As one Gospel Coalition reviewer astutely noted, “Not surprisingly, many Christians have been harshly critical because the film is insufficiently faithful to the biblical source. And also not surprisingly, many others have over-praised the film,… Continue reading

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