The Gospel According to the Sacraments (Part 3)

Over at the Theopolis Insitute, you can check out a guest post I wrote. It is part three of a three-part series. Here is a little blurb –


What we cannot lose sight of is that baptism and communion are not only signs of union with Christ but simultaneously also signs of the unity of the body of Christ. Surely confessing “One Lord, one faith, one baptism” means more than limiting visible unity to those who agree on a certain interpretation of the mysteries of baptism and communion. However, recognizing these sacraments as gospel signs does not mean that our doctrinal convictions no longer matter. What it does mean is that pastors across confessional and denominational lines can recognize one another’s baptisms as valid despite our variant interpretations of the sacraments. The same can be said for the Lord’s supper. Evangelical pastors can honor different understandings of the Eucharist and welcome all who feast on Christ by faith to the Lord’s table. Thereby, our unity as the one body of Christ can be honored without collapsing unity into uniformity.


Check out the rest here.

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