The Gospel according to the Sacraments, Part 1

Over at the Theopolis Insitute, you can check out a guest post I wrote. It is part one of a three-part series. Here is a little blurb –


“My first title for this series of posts was ‘Evangelical Sacramental Ecumenism’ – not exactly a clickbait title. But those three words, evangelical, sacramental, and ecumenical, say a lot: The centrality of the gospel; a focus on baptism, bread, and wine; and the quest for visible unity among diverse churches. When they are put together they say even more: The visible unity of the churches is located in our shared participation in a common baptism and in the Lord’s Supper precisely because baptism and communion are signs of the gospel. Still a mouthful and we haven’t even gotten to the problem yet—and it’s a big one.”


Read the rest here.

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