What is the Gospel?

Everything exists because the God of the Bible made it. He created people as his masterpiece, to reflect him and be like him, as his children.

But we have rejected our relationship with God, and sought to live independently, as if we were our own gods. This is the essence of sin. The history of the world is one of human beings continually running away from our identity as God’s sons and daughters, choosing to be slaves of sinful desires and wandering into all kinds of addictions, disorders, and ruin. We inflict evil on ourselves and others.

But God still loves us. That’s why the Son of God, Jesus Christ, came and became one of us, to live as a true human being was meant to live–dependent and obedient to the Father–humbly taking on our guilt, shame, and deserved death on a Roman cross, and rising from the grave three days later.

Because of all this, we too can die to our guilt, shame, and sin, and have the firm hope of rising one day to live forever with him, as fellow heirs of all the Father’s love and beauty in a new heavens and earth.

Call on the name of the Lord, and you will be saved.

Brett Brett (39 Posts)

PhD Student in Pastoral Theology at Southern Seminary. Married to Rachael. Father of two girls and a boy. Louisville, KY.

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  1. David Weiner

    For what did Jesus “deserve death on a Roman cross”?

    How does one die to ‘his guilt shame and sin’? And, why would anybody wish to do this while dead in their sin?

    What does it mean to ‘call on the name of the Lord’?

    1. Brett VadenBrett Vaden

      Hi David,

      You asked: “For what did Jesus “deserve death on a Roman cross”?”
      Jesus did not deserve this death for anything about him and that he had done. But he did deserve it as the representative for the human race, which he became for our sake. He became “sin so that we might become the righteousness of God.”

      “How does one die to ‘his guilt shame and sin’? And, why would anybody wish to do this while dead in their sin?”
      Through union with Christ. This is, at the core, mystical. But practically, it means believing that if one trusts in Jesus, he or she inherits all that is Christ’s. So, as Christ died to sin, believers die too. As he is overcame guilt and shame through vindication, resurrection, and ascension, we may too.

      “What does it mean to ‘call on the name of the Lord’?”
      To trust in him as one’s Representative, Lord, Savior. To find one’s ultimate identity in Him.

      1. David Weiner

        Hi Brett,

        Thanks for your response. In the spirit of iron sharpening iron, may I seek some clarification? Also, let me state that I realize that your post was intended to be brief and not a comprehensive theological treatise.

        I agree with you that Jesus did not “Deserve” the cross for anything that He had done. However, you still say that He did “Deserve” it as the “Representative” of the human race. It still feels like “Deserve” may not be the best word here. My understanding is that Jesus chose the cross, Jesus chose to become sin, etc. He chose it to pay the penalty for our sin, true. But, did he deserve it? I think not.

        I also agree with much of what you answered to my last two questions. However, what I still can’t grasp from your original post and your response to the questions is the part you see man playing in achieving “Union with Christ”. You say that it is ‘mystical’ and I really can’t see what that might mean to you. I’ll try to be clearer: a) does the dead person believe and then is made alive OR b) is the dead person made alive and then he/she believes?


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